Search Engine Optimisation


Take YOUR business to the next level by increasing your rankings in Google



Creation and Optimisation of ‘Google my Business’

Google my Business offers an opportunity to showcase your business and enhances search engine rankings when optimised. We will:

  • Create your Google my Business page
  • Upload your logo and relevant images
  • Optimise content to ensure maximum
  • Benefit to search engine rankings
  • Provide guidance in requesting customer reviews

Enhanced Server Speed Hosting

Faster server speeds provide multiple benefits:

  • Search Engines view sites as more authoritative and as a result will rank them
  • Faster sites lead to a better user experience which is proven to engage visitors for longer
  • Search Engine ranking algorithms rank faster websites above others

Domain Forwarding

The ownership forwarding of a .com or domain to your business website offer the following benefits:

  • You will not lose traffic due to customer typos i.e. people accidently type in .com instead of
  • Prevents competitors registering or misusing these domains
  • Great for search engines who see the site as being more authoritative in their algorithms

Securing your Website with https

Adding enhanced security measures to your site offers the following benefits:

  • It will rank better in search engine listings
  • It is more secure
  • Visitors are more trusting of secure websites
  • Google Chrome shows non https sites as ‘not secure’ as off October 2017 – an instant red flag for visitors

Monthly Analytics Report

A great tool in determining how visitors interact with your website and how you can improve their experience when they visit – this ultimately creates more leads, enquiries and custom.

  • Website Usability Improvement – By understanding how visitors use your website, you can determine where tweaks may be required to improve user experience customised to your client base
  • Target Audience Identification – helps you determine a variety of user-specific information which great for understanding your target audience

Keyword Analytics & Reporting

Targeting specific keywords and phrases will drive the right customers to your website.

  • Keyword analysis
  • Monthly Google visibility reporting across selected keywords
  • Track your website Google ranking improvements over time

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